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For most of my life, I barely touched a book. I never had any interested in reading. I was far too busy doing more ‘important’ things like playing video games. But that all changed around four years ago.

I found my first mentor and he gave me a few books to read and the one lead to another, and another, and so on. It was mostly self-development/psychology and business books. That’s where my passion for understanding people began. Soon it became an obsession to read.

Roughly two years ago, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread and they talked about books. They said that most people, who read, read only 300 books in their lifetime. That’s around five books a year. For me, that’s not enough because I’m far too curious. So I started reading 300 books a year. Now I should clarify that I don’t always achieve this goal, but it’s a goal none the less.

The point is to read as much as possible. But most importantly, gain knowledge.

Are there any avid readers out there? Do you have any book suggestions you would like to share that you feel is a must read?


21 thoughts on “Books to read

  1. I’ve always loved reading but these days prefer non-fiction. I also try to read as many “classics” as I can, a favourite being Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I just love the style being journals and newspaper articles 😊

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  2. I never loved to read myself. Was much into TV and movies. Beside school books, the only thing I read was celebrity articles in magazines. Then in 2009 everyone around was talking about 40 Rules of Love, I was very curious and decided to read it. I loved it and it did change the way I looked at things. Now I’m reading Three Daughters of Eve, also by Elif Shafak. Intimacy, a book by Osho is next on the list. I just need to find the time.

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  3. If my goodreads. Dot com didn’t blow up, you’d have a better list of stuff I’ve read. The closers by Ben gay the third. Icebound: a doctor’s incredible battle for survival by Dr Jerri neilssen. A tea lovers treasury by James Pratt (lucky you if you get the 1981 edition as then you’ll get a better geographic lesson. For younger people reading,. Harry’s mad by dick king smith the great brain series by John Dennis Fitzgerald. Despite that it was an idea it wasn’t the best one, the hydrogen economy by Jeremy rifkin. The prince by nicollo machievelli. Kitchen confidential by Anthony Bourdain

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  4. I love reading. It transports to different worlds. I’ve just read ‘The Salt Path’ a true account of an English couple who decided to walk the 630 mile south-west coast path, after they lost their home due to a bad investment, and learned that Moth, (the husband) had a terminal illness. Not a sad story (well, in some ways) but life affirming, and very thought provoking.

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  5. I love reading always have. Its just finding the time …but now with my kids adults ,young adults 19 and 23. I have a lot of time now .My books you wouldn’t care for lol! I love romance although I do like Stephen King . Read many of his. I’m trying to do my blogging doing the day and then an hour or two before bed read my book.I have such a summer list at this rate I doubt Ill get them all read . well cant blame me for trying.


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